Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Diana Foster’s idea of People Poles (V.V. September 26th) is brilliant!

How about their ‘home’ being on the block on the corner of Groom and Story Street? David Clement had a vision for this site being a memorial/historic sculpture park.  It is ideally suited with the historic cottages still existing on Groom Street.

We have a similar idea as Diana for the three huge aged radia pines on Dalmayne Road.  We have approached BODC about this.  We envisage lopping the trees then cutting sections in the butts and painting murals in each section of the history of Gray: Dalmayne Coal Mine, Gray Post Office, the Gray School, the two churches and Tassie tigers at Thorne’s Marsh.

Removing old historic trees in an  area eliminates hazards and creates tourist attractions as is apparent at Campbell Town, Perth, St Helens etc. Every town has the right to preserve and display its historic identity. Speaking of which, we have another idea – a convict memorial cemetery at the river front by the old jail in Fingal similar to the Convict Cemetery at Glen Dhu, Launceston. Ideas need translating to action so where do we go from here?

Peter and Beverley Rubenach, Gray.