Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor

Response to Tony Story (Vol. 46 No. 12).

Wow, and thank you for your letter. Yes, Dr Story/Storey, is in fact Dr George Fordyce.

The Cottons of Kelvedon, Francis and Anna Maria(Tilney) Cotton, have a private family cemetery on the Kelvedon property; although I have not inspected this  myself (on the to do list) I have been sent pictures.  When Dr Story’s health is in decline, it is noted amongst the Cotton family in their letters. I would be eager to swap notes at some time as I am keen to connect as much early Tasmanian information as possible.

If you have followed this anecdotal account from the start, it may be apparent that I was making private records to gain perspective of my family  history in a  touchy/feely  informal way – but then I got hooked. I’ve followed my family’s early roots from the Buckland, Springbay and Maria Island communities (and still going). Then, this wasn’t enough because although the people were linked everyone  (yep, everyone) was a character – perhaps because of the sparse population.  I became fascinated and passionate with absolutely everyone’s history and the community’s evolvement and ties.

Through historical papers, old newspapers, inquests, court hearings, wills, electoral roles, other historians, family members, personal letters and many hours in the archives,(with an increase in my glasses strength) the addiction started. Some minor events have been edited out for the Valley Voice, however  in my family compilation I have a brief summary of all characters mentioned. I’ve traced the family trees of some to track the inter-familial  junctions, where they had settled, and yes, to find the colourful   characters.

Admittedly I’m no writer – just got the bug now.

I hope you’ll submit your  stories to the Valley Voice as  your ties to the area are closer  than mine.

When the Valley Voice was looking for input I tried to inspire a few people to write but they were either too shy or just unsure; so I bit the bullet and thought if I start hopefully a few more will come forward with more local content. I for one am looking forward to reading more material of that nature  and I hope you will share yours.

Thanx for reading

Lynne Dawes, Seven Mile Beach.