Members would like to express our sincere gratitude to Diana Foster who, by her own volition and with no  solicitation from any of our members, wrote to the Examiner with a story of the Guild’s theft which has led to the many donations and well wishes from all corners of the state.

A thank you to Veronica Jupp from St Helens Books Café, Rita and Ian Summers,  Surf Coast Realty, Mad Mudd, River and Willow, Peter and Bev Rubenach,  the Wildlife Carers from St Marys,  the Valley Voice and to all the people who have donated anonymously.

A    special thank you to police officer John Chandler whose professionalism has been exemplary and who has kept us continually informed, and to  the Break O’Day Council.

We apologise if we have left anyone out – it would not be intentional.

Finally, many thanks to all who have bought one of our raffle tickets from trusty ticket seller Lorraine Gill.

Wendy Brennan


BreakO’Day Woodcraft Guild