The Say

by Cagerattler

I’ve resisted the temptation until now to mention the Tasmanian Election but…regarding the Regional Forestry Agreement  surely the new government won’t cancel the whole thing after the mountain of work it took to reach an agreement. That would be an insult to everyone involved on both sides. This agreement required some fairly major concessions on both sides  and whilst not perfect by any means (the stated opinion of the various groups involved) it is as good as it can be.

Why do you think that a ‘mandate’ exists to pull apart this.  The election result was probably a result of many things, not just the RFA, and to use the mandate excuse is presumptuous at the very least.

I already know this new mob will struggle to implement many of their promises in the timeframes they suggest but this Forestry deal is extremely complex and difficult, and to say they will throw it out before there’s been any chance of seeing what might happen is pretty short sighted.

It deserves some sort of consideration surely. We’ll wait and see what happens next.

On a local matter… Now that the bottom reservoir is drained for safety reasons (apparently a gushing issue as a good friend was told) would someone from TasWater please put up more safety fencing. There is a very rickety walkway, a pretty steep drop and other matters there;  whilst it’s being repaired it could be a risk to small   children or pets especially. I only ask  because I know that any potential risk needs to be  identified. I hope TasWater can attend to this sooner rather than later as it would probably be considered a workplace and new regulations are pretty  uncompromising in workplaces these days.

What do you think? Rod McGiveron