Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor.

As the war propaganda machine went into top gear this past ANZAC week (and ongoing, no doubt) teaching our kids the ‘necessity’ and ‘justification’ of war with the saturation of war movies, personal anecdotes, commentaries and all the other paraphernalia that governments orchestrate when they want war support from the people they are supposed to be protecting – I went  further and further into despair.

Lately, it was like living it all again –  just like all I’ve been reading about and experiencing all my life. Like the deceit all over Europe that was confronting the masses, while Wall Street financed Hitler (a drop in the bucket).

I don’t think enough people ever learnt that war is regarded by our big mover and shaker money masters, together with their politician minions, as a quick answer to population growth and a bountiful money harvest for the rich who can NEVER get enough.

I was on the verge of drawing on the experiences of a pretty active youth to which a wide scope of readers would relate (life in a quarry; firing a steam shovel, the big rock fall, bearing down on a 40m rock face, rock  popping, powder monkey and blasting, my 85 year old driver – much much more). As an 18 year old driver on a 30 tonne Euclid (night shift) I was employed on the construction of     Warragamba Dam; the dirt floor kitchen, bread and dripping school lunches, swaggies, and heaps more.  But it would be a terrible waste of time and a dereliction of duty as I see it. I was reminded of what Christ told us; “Blessed be the peace makers”.

The frustration of knowing what has gone on in the past with the terrible stupidity and ignorance of people who are supposed to be adults educating their OWN kids about the forgoing, instead of allowing and leaving it all to a rotten Satanic driven society, has been on my conscience. And I thank our Almighty Father for putting it there.

I don’t care about your neat and happy little suburban  paper policies. If you don’t want to tell people that we are about to waste BILLIONS of dollars on 36 of the latest fighter planes because Wall Street and the City of London Money have decreed that we must go to war yet again on the coat tails of the Neo Cons in the ‘States (while they surround and intimidate Russia and the Ukraine with missiles, and confusing the world with CIA & Think Tank initiatives) – then your paper is a sad disservice to the people you think you are supporting.


Don Pike, Four Mile Creek.