The Say

By Cagerattler

Here we go – I knew this would happen.

This “We have a mandate” Federal Government is about to impose an unheralded levy and other measures on us, which will really hurt many low/single income families.  One percent of say $40,000 is $400; for so many people amounts like that may well wipe out a small tax refund needed for helping with something vital.

At the same time this mob are dishing out $12.5b for jet fighters which are essentially rubbish. They are also wiping out a Mining Tax that requires high end pillagers of our resources  to pay more for sending our ‘good stuff’ overseas. Similarly a Carbon Tax…poorly implemented  by the former government but a good idea in general, is being cancelled without trying to improve it, and a justifiably ridiculous Paid Parental Leave deal.

If Australia’s debt crisis is so bad, why is our economy rated in the top few on the planet? Low inflation, low  unemployment, huge resource wealth and one of only 13 countries in the world with a Triple A Rating…if we were an economic basket case  as the Coalition suggests, how can this rating be possible? Most other countries sit back and gaze in envy at our economy.

This government, in my humble opinion, would be much better served by looking at ways to transform our resource rich country into a downstream processing  country which could export high quality goods, not just high quality  resources.

Why are we once again undermining some people who have done so much for this community??

For the record, the people who are the victims of some scurrilous innuendo DID NOT ask me to mention this because they’re too respectful  to do so… That said, I for one  hope that the person or persons who have made   comments in this regard stop doing so.

To make such comments is hurtful to the targets of the comments and is generally upsetting. Anyone who knows the targeted people would realise the huge amount of community  involvement and fantastic service they have provided and will continue to do so for many years, but it’s detrimental and disrespectful to them…

Another person who is a similar great asset to the community and quite new to the area knows the targeted persons well  (and knows me as Cagerattler) and asked me to mention it, to hopefully appeal to anyone spreading innuendo and rumour which achieves nothing at all. This behavior just creates ill feeling…

So, to the person or persons who have been spreading negative comments, whoever you are…please give it a rest! It’s not welcome or warranted by anyone I’m sure,  in this or any other instance…

What do you  think? Rod McGiveron.