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49.05 June 30, 2016

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47.08 August 14th, 2014

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Puppetry workshop

The Fingal Valley Neighbourhood House Inc is holding a puppetry workshop on April 24th at 10a.m.   Bring along your children and be prepared to have a hands-on fun-filled session, helping your child experience, watch and make their own puppets.

This show is presented by pelicanpuppets.com.au and is offered through FVNH at a great price of $10 per family. Mums and dads are encouraged to attend.

Please phone 6374 2344 to book.

ANZAC Day 2014 Ceremonies in the Fingal Valley

The  Fingal RSL Sub Branch.  A Dawn Service at 6a.m. (gather at 5.45) will be held at the Mathinna Cenotaph and will be conducted by retired RSL State President Chris Mundy and Father John Denman.  A  gunfire breakfast will follow at the Mathinna Club.  An 11.00 Service (gather at 10.45)  will be held at the Fingal Cenotaph and will be conducted by retired RSL State President Chris Mundy and Father John Denman.  Lunch at Chrissy’s Bistro to follow. Large crowds expected – all welcome.

The Northern Midlands R&SLA Sub Branch.  The 11a.m. service will be held at the Cenotaph, Boucher Park Avoca. This will be followed by a venison spit roast lunch.

The St Marys Memorial Services Association.  A 6a.m. Dawn Service will be held at the St Marys Town Hall, followed by a Gunfire Breakfast.  The 11a.m. Service will be held at the Cornwall Community Hall.


The Say

By Cagerattler…

I try to look at things half full not half empty but I think two things need to be prioritised in the beautiful valley we live in. Both are   related to local government – Streetscape and Camping Grounds (not forgetting Fingal). GET ON WITH IT!

It’s annoying when things stall, even if only  temporarily, but after all the work done by a dedicated crew of  locals and  Councillors it seems that it’ll be a while yet before much more happens on the Streetscape in particular…Is it all to do with the row over parallel/angle parking or sufficient funding?  Time is ticking people…We have major investment happening in the valley over the next few years through mining and tourism, and we need this to be reflected in the continual upgrading of the towns most concerned, Fingal and St Marys, not down the coast somewhere.  I’d love a representative from Council to come out and say that the projects  involved in Streetscape are still well and truly going to happen and that Fingal will not be forgotten either…let’s hear it!

With the Camping Area improvements at the Recreation Ground over recent years the Council should take a lot of credit, well deserved for what we all knew was going to be a winner. There’s still an awful lot to consider and do over there, and these issues can’t be left forever; small steps can lead to huge leaps.  Surely the same applies to  Streetscape? Recently the Campervan people revisited and were catered for  fantastically by the St Marys Sports Centre, which was great for their profile.  It was a terrific weekend all round…this is how it can be done and now it’s time for Council to look at the ‘big picture’ for our valley towns and market and accommodate for needs accordingly.  After all isn’t that what  they’re supposed to be doing anyway…?

What do you think? Rod McGiveron.

The Say

By Cagerattler

You all know the esteem or lack thereof in which I hold most politicians these days and at the risk of offending a few                people it serves ourselves right for what we’ve finished up with after the most recent Federal election.

What a comment the PM made the other day suggesting that the Afghanistan war was ‘worth it’…

So it was worth it to see many of our diggers either killed or permanently injured, never to have families of their own or to live normal lives … so that not too long after the last of our blokes leave, this insurgent-infiltrated corrupt country will regress to not much better than it was before. Afghanistan is a place steeped in conflict, tribal warfare, warlords, Taliban, persecution of women and Islamic extremists with no concept of the value of life and if you think there will be any real semblance of lasting peace after our troops are gone you are either stupid, idealistic or plain naïve. The despots in that third world country will rule again in time and I wonder when that happens if our leaders will continue to say it was worth it … I think not.

There’s rumblings out there I’ve heard of late about the seeming curtailing of the Streetscape … many are not happy that the plan is not going on as quickly as it should and no-one in the know is giving a lot away on the subject.

The next couple of years – with the beginning of the new mining ventures and solid real estate tradings – would be the perfect time to really get St Marys and Fingal in particular going. Maybe the councillors representing the area can start jumping a few bones on the ‘bean counter’ ranks and free up a few bucks to get at least some progress in this area…the time is nigh!

What do you think? Rod McGiveron.