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ANZAC Day 2014 Ceremonies in the Fingal Valley

The  Fingal RSL Sub Branch.  A Dawn Service at 6a.m. (gather at 5.45) will be held at the Mathinna Cenotaph and will be conducted by retired RSL State President Chris Mundy and Father John Denman.  A  gunfire breakfast will follow at the Mathinna Club.  An 11.00 Service (gather at 10.45)  will be held at the Fingal Cenotaph and will be conducted by retired RSL State President Chris Mundy and Father John Denman.  Lunch at Chrissy’s Bistro to follow. Large crowds expected – all welcome.

The Northern Midlands R&SLA Sub Branch.  The 11a.m. service will be held at the Cenotaph, Boucher Park Avoca. This will be followed by a venison spit roast lunch.

The St Marys Memorial Services Association.  A 6a.m. Dawn Service will be held at the St Marys Town Hall, followed by a Gunfire Breakfast.  The 11a.m. Service will be held at the Cornwall Community Hall.


46.21 March 27th, 2014

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The Say

by Cagerattler

Isn’t it great to see the Recreation Ground Camping area getting used how we hoped it would.  It has to be good for the local businesses too.

The other night I was over there walking my dogs and got talking to one of the campers. He reckoned that he’d been travelling for many years and we were one of the most accommodating, friendly and best places he’d come across. The best part for me though was that most of our secret is word of mouth because campers talk to other campers. Isn’t that fantastic?

That’s the good news.  Now, Council… What about looking at establishing areas designated for backpacking campers too? Some do this anyway but the original idea was to have a sheltered area set aside to let the ‘tenters’ have a nice spot to pitch the ol’ tepee or wigwam… That’d be awesome and continue the good work already done, first by the original steering group and later by Council.  Establishing something that we can be really proud of.  This leads me to an associated issue…

The Streetscape – has it been thrown into the too-hard basket, deferred, cancelled or something in between? What’s the problem? If it’s good enough to find the money for a proposed new hospital site for St Helens (which I do think is needed but could be several years away) why not start work in St Marys, Fingal and other places? Funds were supposed to be set aside when the Council  initially agreed to improve infrastructure, quite a few years ago now. Quite frankly, Mayor and Council, it’s about time that at the very least a bit of good forward  action or plan could be made known to us all.

I wonder if the sticking point is the parking issue? MAKE A DECISION EITHER WAY ON THAT…and the rest of us will get used to the end result and accept it. It’s that simple.

It’s about time for someone to say or do something, otherwise five years down the track we’ll still be talking about it…It can be done. Look at the Recreation Ground utilisation as a great example…IT DOES WORK.

What do you think? Rod McGiveron

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

I have lived in St Marys for the past 14 years and have always walked up Richardsons Road past the recently drained dam.  I understand the dam was drained because of one complaint to TasWater that the water was gushing down the creek.  I have never seen the creek gushing! I rang TasWater, then the Council, and was told that a platypus put a hole in the structure. It’s concrete! Maybe I am wrong but I find this ridiculous. The Council told me they won’t reconsider refilling the dam till they know the structure is sound.

So are we indefinitely left with this dangerous smelly eyesore? And of course no one considered the poor animals and birdlife that drink and live at the dam.

Kate Almond, St Marys